16 Channel MPRG Talk Group / Time Slot Matrix
  Time Slot 1     Time Slot 2  
MPRG2 31302 MPRG 1 31301
Bozeman Gallatin Valley 31303 Local 2
NW7RG-USA 31304 Montana 3130
Region 7 31097
USA 3100 Static
N America 93
Worldwide 91 (note 1)
  Hytera USA 31089  
TAC 310
TAC 311
Parrot 9990
Repeater FM Analog
DMR Simplex 99
Scheduled Static
note 1: Worldwide TG 91 is static every Saturday from 1600 UTC until 1700 UTC but only on the North Hills repeater. This allows Helena-area hams to participate in the weekly worldwide net without tying up an excessive number of sites.
Static - A static talk group is configured to be active on its assigned time slot and repeater at all times. If there is activity on that talk group anywhere in the BrandMeister network, that traffic will be transmitted on all MPRG repeaters.
Scheduled Static - A scheduled static talk group is configured to be active on its assigned times slot and repeater but only during a specified day and time. As an example, TG 91 Worldwide is scheduled to be active only on the North Hills repeater on time slot 1 during the weekly net every Saturday morning.
Dynamic - A dynamic talk group is active only if there has been local activity on that talk group within the past 15 minues. For example, USA Wide TG 3100 is probably active right now. You wont hear any of that activity until you select USA Wide on your radio then transmit briefly. For the next 15 minutes, BandMeister will send USA Wide traffic to the repeater on the talk group and time slot that you just kerchunked. If you participate in a conversation on USA Wide, that talk group will remain active on your selected repeater until 15 minutes after your last transmission.
This talk group/time slot matrix is a good starting point for those creating their own codeplug from scratch for a 16 channel per zone radio. If you are creating your own codeplug from scratch, or you are a visitor adding our sites to your radio so you can operate on our repeaters while traveling through the Helena area: Please note on the talk group plan that there are three talk groups assigned to TS 2. Those three plus TG 9 for reflectors are the only talk groups that we want on TS 2. All other talk groups, please configure for operation on TS 1. BrandMeister networking allows for any talk group number to work dynamic on either time slot so the only control over this is within your radio programming. We have no ability to restrict talk groups or time slots but we trust that you will be a responsible user of the flexibility and power that BrandMeister brings to ham radio DMR. Please work with us and configure your DX talk groups for use on TS 1. Visitors are welcome to establish communications with their home town via their home town talk group as long as you do it on TS 1. We support TAC 310, 311, and 312 on TS 1 so those are available for reaching out to your home DMR repeater that is not on BrandMeister.