Resources and Links

The Mac Pass DMR repeater is attached to the BrandMeister network. Their web site:

DMR network BrandMeister has an on-line talk-group scanner called Hoseline. We have an easy to remember short cut to get you there, monitoring our two main talk groups:

, the DMR network established by the Motorola Amateur Radio Club, is the issuer of the Radio ID numbers for all ham radio DMR. To obtain your Radio ID, go to their web site, click on Contact Us, then follow the instructions for User ID.

Map showing DMR repeaters of the three main networks.

Control your Hoseline photo and APRS information.
Under some circumstances, Hoseline will display your photo from while you are transmitting on the Brandmeister network. Many have found that if you change your photo, it doesn’t update on Hoseline. Now you can skip the middleman and upload a photo directly into Hoseline. Just go to your Hoseline dashboard and log in with your credentials. is the web site you registered with back in the beginning when you wanted to associate your DMR radio ID with a call sign and SSID for your DMR GPS position reports to show up in the APRS world.

Once logged into your Brandmeister dashboard page, click on your call sign at the top right then Profile then the blue Edit by your existing photo.

Separately, I see that you can now edit your APRS settings in the dashboard. I don’t know if it works since I don’t have a GPS DMR radio but it lets you change the settings that you originally made in

Nets on the BrandMeister Network
Time slots and static/dynamic is valid for MPRG repeaters. Reminder: you need to kerchunk the talk group on the correct time slot to hear activity on a dynamic talk group.
Hytera Net Thursday 1930 Pacific Time TG 31089/TS 1 (static) Hytera USA
Nevada DMR Net Tuesday 1900 Pacific Time TG 31268/TS 1 (dynamic) SNARS
PAPA/SOCAL Net Monday 2000 Pacific Time TG 3106/TS 1 (dynamic) California Statewide
Worldwide Net Saturday 1000 Mountain Time TG 91/TS 1 (dynamic) Worldwide

Tytera MD-380 CPS and firmware
Source for programming software and firmware.
The software for loading firmware into your MD-380 is part of the 2.034 firmware package so you need to grab that first. The latest firmware 3.008 is just a .bin file, which is the radio firmware file.

Instructions on upgrading MD-380 firmware.

DMR Equipment Dealers
New purchase DMR radio equipment can come from any number of dealers of the different brands. The first two are known to be ham-friendly because they helped us get started. CSI has been around for decades and is a familiar name to repeater owners as a supplier of phone patches and tone panels, and now, affordable DMR radios.
Hytera & Tera - Terry N7XR
Motorola - Ken K1DMR
Connect Systems -

DVMega & MMDVMHost
Instructions I followed to get my Pi running mmdvmhost.
I skipped the calibration software.

Sample of the configuration file (mmdvm.ini) for running DVMega on a RaspberryPi.
Notes: 1) TX and RX frequency need to be the same. 2) Leave Latitude and Longitude as zero. Entering your lat/long causes your DVMega/mmdvmhost/Pi to show up as a repeater rather than a hot spot.

Other Hotspots for DMR
SharkRF openSPOT
Several hams in Helena and Bozeman are operating successfully via their openSpot.

Other Local Groups and Clubs
These organizations have assembled a lot of useful information for their members that is also valid for hams in Montana.

PAPA System. California repeater club with digital and analog assets.
Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society
DMR Utah
NorCal DMR
Rocky Mountain Ham Radio
Wyoming DMR Project

Tuning a duplexer with an IFR service monitor at Boulder Hill