Bozeman: High Flat DMR

Bozeman High Flat UHF DMR

Contact: Neil KL7JGS

Repeater particulars:
449.900 MHz, minus 5 MHz offset
DMR admission: Color Code 1
DMR Radio ID: 313011

Bozeman Four Corners near SR 85, SR 85, and US 191

Equipment specifics:
Hytera RD982 repeater 50 watts

Operational mode:
Single-mode, DMR only

DMR: Brandmeister

Static talk groups:
Time Slot 1 3130 Montana Statewide31301 MPRG1 Mac Pass Repeater Group
Time Slot 2 31303 BGV Bozeman Gallatin Valley

Bozeman-area hams are reachable on talk group Bozeman-Gallatin Valley BGV 31303

Q4 2017 On the air!

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