Kalispell: Buffalo Hill 2 meter DMR & FM

Kalispell, Montana Buffalo Hill Site 2 meter DMR and FM
Flathead Valley Amateur Radio Club
Contact: http://fvarc.org

Repeater particulars:

146.760 MHz; offset -600 kHz

Analog FM access:   DCS code 152 (not inverted)

DMR Admission:   Color Code 1

DMR ID:   313195



36 Heritage Way, Kalispell, MT


Equipment Profile:

Hytera RD982i at 50W output

Telewave Duplexer

8.3 dB gain collinear antenna on the top of a single floor commercial building


Operational Mode:

Dynamic Dual Mode (analog FM or DMR on-demand



DMR:  Brandmeister


Static Talk Groups:

Time Slot 1:  31301 MPRG1, 31304 NW7RG

Time Slot 2:  3130 Montana Statewide


Dynamic Talk Group:

Time Slot 1:  PLEASE DO NOT USE TIME SLOT 1 for dynamic talk groups

Time Slot 2:  All Brandmeister Talk Groups



On the air September 16 2022

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