January 2018 "lean" sample codeplug. The file name ends with 180118b.rdt. This codeplug has all the new Montana sites and the new Montana talk groups. At a minimum, under General Setting, you need to change the Radio ID number to your number. You might also change the Radio Name and Intro Screen Line 1 too. ***USE AT YOUR OWN RISK*** Have a backout plan in case you need to revert to a previous known working state.
This pdf shows the contents of the new lean codeplug. It prints nicely landscape with narrow margins.
December 2017 version by Tom WR7AGT. Includes the new Bozeman sites. Use caution, have a backout plan when making major changes to any radio.
The file name ends in 170702b.rdt. See News 7/05/17 for details. —Use at your own risk! You will need to change at a minimum the Radio ID number before you load this into your radio. This codeplug was made with Hytera CPS version 1.32 and MD-380 & MD-390 Code Plug File Editor by G6AMU, then loaded into an MD-380 with firmware version 3.008. Be sure to have a backout plan. See the next download under this one for the zones and talk groups worksheet.
Zones with the green cell above are complete and ready to use.