Mac Donald Pass Site VHF YSF/Analog
Mac Pass Repeater Group WR7HLN
Contact: Tom WR7AGT [email protected]

Repeater particulars:
147.1 MHz, plus 600 KHz offset
Analog FM access: PL encode/decode 100.0 Hz
Fusion access: DSQ none

12 miles west of Helena, high atop Mac Donald Pass, 7155 feet above sea level

Equipment specifics:
Yaesu DR-1X repeater 40 watts
Split duplexer and antenna system
Two Telewave ANT-140F2 2.5dBd omni pattern. Tower height is 93 feet, repeater antennas are on top. Antenna HAAT = 5272 feet.

Operational mode:
AMS (Automatic Mode Select, digital or analog on-demand)

None as of 8/22/16. See 8/22/16 News for details.


7/7/16 On the air with 1.10j firmware.
8/22/16 WIRES-X networking deactivated.
8/28/16 Changed from Fix FM to AMS.

Coverage map depicting the service area of the Mac Pass VHF Fusion repeater