Columbia Falls UHF DMR
Contact: Rick W7YP

Repeater particulars:
447.500 MHz, minus 5 MHz offset
DMR admission: Color Code 1
DMR Radio ID: 312489

Private residence north of Columbia Falls, near the confluence of the North and Middle Fork rivers. Altitude 3800 feet.

Equipment specifics:
Hytera RD982i repeater 50 watts
TX-RX Vari-Notch duplexer
11.5 dB gain collinear antenna at the top of a 40 foot tower, fed with 1-1/4" Heliax

Operational mode:
Dynamic Dual Mode (analog FM or DMR digital on-demand)

DMR: Brandmeister

Static talk groups:

Time Slot 1 31301 MPRG1 Mac Pass Repeater Group, 31302, 31304 NW7RG-USA Northwest Repeater Group
Time Slot 2 3130 Montana Statewide

Dynamic talk groups:
Time Slot 1 All BrandMeister talk groups
Time Slot 2 PLEASE DO NOT USE TIME SLOT 2 for dynamic talk groups

On the air August 2021