Hamilton UHF DMR

Contact: Jim KG6MQE

Repeater particulars:
422.025 MHz, plus 7 MHz offset
DMR admission: Color Code 1
DMR Radio ID: 313001

Hamilton, Montana

Equipment specifics:
Motorola SLR 5700

Operational mode:
Single-mode, DMR only

DMR: Brandmeister

Static talk groups:
Time Slot 1 9911 Emcom US, 31013 Alert-K4NWS, 31089 Hytera USA, 31623 Public Safety Chat, 31677 OEI Repeater Group, 314710
Time Slot 2 3130 Montana Statewide, 31229 ArkLaTex, 31305 Bitterroot Valley

1st DMR repeater in Montana.

Hams in the Hamilton - Bitterroot Valley area are often found on the Bitterroot talk group 31305