Lookout Pass UHF DMR/Analog FM
Mac Pass Repeater Group WR7HLN
Contact: Tom WR7AGT [email protected]

Repeater particulars:
444.200 MHz, plus 5 MHz offset
Analog FM access: PL encode/decode 100.0 Hz
DMR admission: Color Code 2
DMR Radio ID: 313009
(Note the change from PL tone 131.8 Hz to 100.0 Hz and Color Code 1 to Color Code 2 during the July 2018 upgrade)

On a mountain top 1.7 miles east of where the Montana/Idaho border and I-90 intersect.

Equipment specifics:
Hytera RD982 repeater 50 watts.
Split duplexer and antenna system.
Dual antenna system consists of two Celwave PD-1151-2N 8dBd omni pattern. Tower height is 40 feet, repeater antennas are on top. Antenna HAAT = 1312 feet.

Operational mode:
Dynamic Dual Mode (analog FM or DMR digital on-demand)

DMR: Brandmeister via Verizon 4G service.
Analog FM: Currently stand-alone, no EchoLink capability. EchoLink computer expected to be installed fall 2018.

Static talk groups:
Time Slot 1 3130 Montana Statewide, 31302 MPRG2, 31303 BGV, 31089 Hytera USA, 8 MPRG Cluster
Time Slot 2 31301 MPRG1 Mac Pass Repeater Group

Dynamic talk groups:
Time Slot 1 All BrandMeister talk groups
Time Slot 2 PLEASE DO NOT USE TIME SLOT 2 for dynamic talk groups

Coverage includes east along I-90 including St Regis and Superior to Tarkio and west along I-90 including Coeur d'Alene to Spokane.

6/8/19 Lookout Pass repeater is being used analog for communications support for the Trail Rail Run.
7/15/18 Existing Motorola MSF-5000 UHF repeater and separate MSF-5000 UHF link radio replaced with a dual-mode Hytera RD982 repeater and a Cisco 819 4G router.
6/09/18 Lookout Pass/University Mountain repeater pair are being used analog for communications support for the Trail Rail Run.
12/20/17 It is expected that this site will be converted from analog FM-only to DMR Summer 2018.

Coverage map depicting the service area of the Lookout Pass UHF DMR repeater
Click on the image to view a full-size version of the map
 Lookout UHF DMR Coverage 180624 v2

Photos by Lenny N7MOT at this URL: https://www.lennygemar.com/Friends/2018/2018LookoutPassMPRG/

Repeater, duplexer, and router for internet access are in the rack. Power supply with battery revert is in the Motorola cabinet.
Tom WR7AGT Photo
New_DMR Repeater_7-15-18revb

Close-up detail shows the Cisco 819 4G router, Hyters RD982 repeater, and DB Products duplexer.
Tom WR7AGT Photo

Split antenna system includes the two white stick style antennas.
Tom WR7AGT Photo
Tower 7-15-18revb

Bill K7MT Photo